watching enlightenment unfold

Every neutron is every neutron!

being in a new world, seeing the changes happening,

Watching Enlightenment Unfold



sacred flower Nassim H

Imagination, the seedbed of change, power manifest the world we live in … take on responsibility for changes, directions.

The message is the feelings imbued in a work

….debilitating as Vincent Van Gogh.

Science and art mirror reality – one informs the other. Imagination is as important to the scientist as the artist … the workings of the physical world important to both.

What the? …. Science is Philosophy?

a single proton is a mini black hole, a fractal of the entire universe.

Every proton is every proton.


Revisiting 2012 – image variant


 Nassim Haramein explains his new paper – “Quantum Gravity and Holographic Mass”
Every proton is a mini black hole.
The number of Plancks in a proton is equivalent to the protons in the universe.
The information in a black hole is on its surface.
The surface of a black hole has the information of all black holes in the universe.
The strong force is equal to gravity.
Every proton has access to all in the universe.
We live in a hologram.


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