packaged clay 2020

Relics From the Future

Objectified in the form of packaged art, to take their position in the archetypal hierarchy of symbols. Giving the craft object of the Riff Raff a catalogue number raises it’s status from desirable to collectable and gives new meaning to its existence.

Re-branding identity challenges a notion that values only serve to support an ‘optic’



Ceramic Stars are very fragile, so posting requires extra protection. These can be picked up from Lismore Car Boot Market from August 16th 2020 onwards.





Ceramic Spoons are mailed in a custom mailing tube with wrap for added protection. 2 Spoons will fit in one tube. Click on any image to get details of size and price. Sizes are approximate and colour will vary slightly depending on light when photographed and viewing screen.

More Spoons will be added soon…