Riff Raff



1. an art,trade or occupation requiring specials kill, especially manual skill

2. skill – dexterity:

3. skill or ability used for bad purposes – cunning, deceit, guile.

4. the members of a trade or profession collectively; – a guild.

5. a ship or other vessel.

6. a number of ships or other vessels taken as a whole:

Craft PeopleIMG_1181IMG_1092

Escaping the tyranny of the ‘Curly Heads’ who had become so popular as to have become the dominant paradigm in design in the home country, the ‘Flat Faces’ and ‘Tall Ones’ were seen as politically incorrect. The gallery owners had cartelled against them. So they sought a place to live in peace and harmony and to have a space where they could practice their craft without prejudice, varied though they be.

Setting out in craft across the sea, the Flat Faces and Tall Ones ( the Craft People) were filled with new found optimism and faith. Their excitement was up then down. For, when sighting land, they were stopped by local border patrol and told “WE have rules about ‘boat people’ here, you look like a bunch of riff raff. Trying to explain that some error had been made in translation because “We are not boat people we are craft people”.  Not understanding the subtleties of what the Craft People were saying the government officials said “Go back to where you come from.”

“We will be persecuted there, our craft is not wanted.” they explained.

“If you seek refuge you will be held in detention on Man Is Island till your case is heard.” the Craft People were told.

The Crew:

RIFFRAFF 1_wGrimbundy Crux:

Age 32 years. Flat Face (male)

Painter/ Modernist Neo Classical.

Loves Jackson Pollack. Abstract Expressionist – works on the floor, dribbling like an artist possessed.

Took his surname from the Southern Cross on the Australian flag. Crux being an important constellation for travelers, as it always points south.

Crux’s painting style was seen as ‘old hat’ by many of the Curly Head led galleries. Seeks space to work ….. a very crafty person.



RIFFRAFF 2_wConstain Corpustone:

Age 76 years – Tall Boy (male)

Studied art through apprenticeship system with strict disciplinary guidelines and traditional methodologies. The craft of image making was his passion and obsession. Attention to detail and high quality finish was his signature. His main fields of practice were engraving, etching, lithograph and relief printing.He made his own paper from indigenous plant material. Meticulous in every detail he was proud of the professional standard he brought to his craft.

In the 1980s Corpostone became infatuated with a young beautiful model Dianna, who who became his muse. She influenced his thinking on many issues. When Constain was told that his work was patriarchal because his traditional apprenticeship was based on elitist male views that demeaned feminine values. That his expertise was a slap in the face for all woman. Devestated Corpostone sold all his printmaking equipment and donated the money to the children’s hospital and spends all his time meditating.

The last time Constain saw Dianna she was involved with a Curly Head and installing an exhibition in a major gallery that consisted of a years dirty washing piled in a heap on the floor.

Constain Corpostone now only seeks a peaceful environment where he hopes to reunite with his mojo.



RIFFRAFF 3_wStartrack Gromdali:

Age 46 – Flat Face (female)

Sculptor. Works with metal, fiber, mixed media. Studied art, specialising in Modernist artists.Her mixed metaphor steel constructions juxtapose fine natural fiber components that generated a huge following among art fans and collectors. She lives out of wedlock with photographer/philosopher Juner Stark in a loving relationship of over 25 years.

Gromdali’s message is underpinned by notions of society moving away from a monetary system in favour of a resource based society where equality for all was the mainstay.



RIFFRAFF 4_wJuner Stark:

Age 48 years – Flat Face (male)

Philosopher/ Photographer.

In relationship with Startrack Grondali. Worked as a photo journalist along side Magnum photographers. Prefers to work in black and white but moved heavily into digital imaging in the early 21st century. Photographed war torn countries and was awarded much acclaim for his work that eked out beauty in otherwise totally devastating situations. ” One needs a bucket load of optimism to survive in this job” says Stark. With this optimism he infects those around him, especially his fellow Craft People.



RIFFRAFF 5_wMuxy Mux: 65 years – Flatface (female)

Founder of Muxism. A philosophy/religion based on numerology. Muxist names are derived from the missing numbers in ones birthday. The basic doctrine is to have fun in life and to live and let live. Muxists really are the be all and end all of letting it go, they respect and admire all points of view and adhere to a philosophy that embraces freedom in the truest form of it’s meaning.  Once having a Muxist name balance becomes the catch cry of existance. The art of Muxy Mux is ineffable, esoteric, mystical, enigmatic and incomprehensible.

Does it exist or not?

“I’m not sure” she was once heard to say…




RIFFRAFF 6_wSpit Longone: Age 27 years (fermale) Flatface.


Works across all processes. Main interest in natural surface treatments but also uses on glaze enamels and other coloured surface applications. Longone has been dubbed the mistress of pit fire. She is a champion of the subconscious and outer body experience as her message of the expanding knowledge being generated by the biosphere as a bio feedback device for the universe. Longone has been spazmotic in her output/outburst due to misunderstanding of her work. Sometimes seen as dumbing down, but this is far from her reality. “I can not control the dumbness of the viewer” she once berated a cutely head critic. Maybe way ahead of her time, aesthetically speaking. Much of the Spit Longone catalogue has never been published, but placed in storage on completion. She often feels that few collectors ‘get’ her message. Longone was once heard saying “having something to say is dependent on having someone to listen. So I cut out the middle man and keep my most important work to myself”



RIFFRAFF 7_wBrindal Bardon: Age 47 (male)

Just makes too much sense for most people’s liking. Extremely intelligent individual. Philosopher Artist across most mediums. Technically advanced in every platform accross the visual arts. “I collect skills like some people collect stamps” he once told me in a half joke. His nick name “the Eye” came about due to his innate ability to know exactly what you were thinking. The curley heads of academia hated him with a vengeance. The Bardon hypothese declared that university art schools would benefit immensely if all the academic staff were fired and the institutes were run bu technicians. The money saved would be invested in digital hardware to deliver lectures to students in virtual reality. The academic instruction would be entirely digitally delivered. He saw the system as overburdened with self righteous, puffed up narcissistic  individuals and nepotistic, sap sucking husband and wife teams indulging in secure tenure without real input to society or the advancement of Art. But really they are an anchor of conservatism dressed as contemporary.

It just made too much sense.

So off to find a new life with his beautiful wife Lucy.



RIFFRAFF 9_wLucy Bardon: Age 46 (female) Flatface.


 RIFFRAFF 11_wLaniakea: Age unknown – (female) Flatface.

Supercluster of the art world. Magnanimous magnitude of creative energy. Fractal infinity fabulous eternity.

RIFFRAFF 12_wNalyd Trebor: Age 54 (male) Flatface.

Niberus Ex:

Age – 3 billion years. Flat Face. (female)

Internet entity/ Philosopher. Golden face with black eyes.

The embodiment of the dwarf planet Nibirus, Planet X, the Black Planet. Talks and loves everything astronomical and astrological. Reads quantum physics theory.believes in a free, equal and abundant future for all. Strives to shake off the Curly Head led persecution of everything different. She still caries the space maps and charts that covered her walls in the home country. Her prize possession is a book, “Best Space Craft Ever”



RIFFRAFF 13_wSpiral Galaxy: Very Old. Flatface (female)

Group matriarch.

Mother of all galaxies. the embodiment of all things in the space/time continuum. Embraces the infinite potential energy in the infinitely small vacuum. believes that creativity is the gift we all possess to enhance the universal existence. The art of SP is in the spinning. “Without Spin there is nothing …. the void is a potential in spin … I am spin … not a spinner!” is the title of her forthcoming encyclopedia of everything. “I write – therefore I am …… I am therefore I spin”