Dingoes Dogs and Thylacines Transcending the Transience of Happiness.


Dingos and dogs have been companions of humans for thousands of years. The thylacine has become an icon of Tasmania, maybe still there; the irony escapes no one. Dogs and the like sit well as metaphors for the human condition/emotions. The emotion of happiness can be momentary, passes (like the existence of a species?), transient, elusive, longed for.
In the fantasy world of ‘art’ things can happen outside the realm of stark reality, can even be anti-reality.

Stage 1

The original unique first state aquatint etching that started the series.
Copper plate etchings printed over a mono serigraphs.

This project has been re-emerging over a number of years as an on going thematic sculptural morph. The original body of work was six copper plate etchings “Dingos Dogs and Thylacines Transcending the Transience of Happiness. Nos IX -XIV” 

handmade coloured paper, torn etchings and ceramics.

Stage 2

The second stage was an installation in Salamanca Art Centre:

Dingoes Dogs and Thylacines Trancending theTransience of Happyness I – VIII

Side Space Gallery – The Boys Are Back In Town 1997

The original etchings were torn into the shape of dogs and thylacines etc and incorporated into multi-medium handmade paper works.

Stage 3

Kylie’s Dog Dreams

morphed state installation.2002.