My Eyes Are Crying Not Me


Loosely translated the message across Cloe’s tummy tells you that you are making the picture (But I, I am in the picture). Cloe is wearing a headband of hemp paper depicting scenes of a grazing paddock in marginal land dotted with the stumps of ancient forest giants. her sunglasses have eyes attached that are borrowed from the Man Ray photograph “Larmes (glass tears)” 1930-33. Cloe’s bikini is transparent, yes, but in a metaphorical sense. The Starving African design was inspired by the World Bank. Cleo’s handbag is plastered with a message “…..chip, chip, chip…”. There is something sinister about the amount of prime hardwood forest that goes to the chipmill to make pulp for Japanese papers. The Log Truck print ia a random shot of one of the thousands that pass through Maquarie St each year. All these images are linked in some way.