sunday markets summer 2019 -20.

Sunday 3rd November 2019

I was allocated 36Cb, near the face painter and under cover but close to the natural light. Thanks Marnie. Rush job in organising but managed to put a stand together.

8th December 2019

…. a bit more organised and a bit more product….. Harmony StonesSpoons and Pinch Pots attracted the most interest which I was thrilled to see..





4th February 2020


watching enlightenment unfold

Every neutron is every neutron!

being in a new world, seeing the changes happening,

Watching Enlightenment Unfold



sacred flower Nassim H

Imagination, the seedbed of change, power manifest the world we live in … take on responsibility for changes, directions.

The message is the feelings imbued in a work

….debilitating as Vincent Van Gogh.

Science and art mirror reality – one informs the other. Imagination is as important to the scientist as the artist … the workings of the physical world important to both.

What the? …. Science is Philosophy?

a single proton is a mini black hole, a fractal of the entire universe.

Every proton is every proton.


New multiples from Ten Four

Exhibitioj in a Box

Yellow Spectral Sun Living in the Window for the End of Time – Exhibitiopn in a Box – Ten Four Technology Journeyman Artsit – 2012. 15 commercially printed images of series I in a handmade box. Limited Edition of 99

Micro Mini Book
Yellow Spectral Sun Living in the Window for the End of Time – Micro Mini Book – Ten Four Technology Journeyman Artist – 2012. Pigment ink on fine art paper with handmade hemp paper cover.