Offering Bowls.

This section is divided into 3 main parts. Mini, Medium and Large. Mini are all around 30-50mm diameter and are packaged in an individual box with signed certificate of authenticity. I have displayed both inside and outside of each pot. Medium are all 70 – 150mm diameter and Large are all 170 – 250mm diameter. The Offering Bowls are all hand made individual pinch pots fired to 1200ºC in either neutral or reduction firings. The majority are mid-fire porcelain. The bowl is the number one archetype in ceramics with ancient connections to the concept of giving and receiving.

There is also 3 subcategories Family Gathering at the Waterhole, Lardi Dharma Ware and Wood Fired Raku

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Mini Offering Bowls
Medium Offering Bowls
Large Offering Bowls
Family Gatherings at the Waterhole.
Lardi Dharma Ware
Woodfired Raku