In August of 1970 I met Peter Rushforth with the view to start a part time pottery course. Meeting him helped me decide my life’s path. It has been a varied and interesting journey. #50yearsasapotter

In these pages I hope to have some documentation of all my work. A total catalogue is impossible as a great deal of my work was never photographed or documented. This is an ongoing project with new archives being added regularly.

The main headings for now are:

Ceramic Decals

Packaged Clay



Relics From the Future 2018

Holistic Healing Stones

ArchCerArt (1994)

Head Pots – 1976


Gatherings 2020.

2 thoughts on “Ceramics

  1. great too hear you speak yesterday on TACA zoom meeting Ken.
    I see that your clay work is a very tactile and sensuous creative exploration of the soft clay and painterly with coloured low fire glazing. Sea shaped forms. Your remote bush location must provide a lot of privacy and would be good for deep reflection.

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