Ceramic Decals

 Early decals 1987




1987 teepot w: decals2015-10-12 12-06-03

early decals © 1987

In the mid 80s I had an opportunity to do some experiments in making on glaze decals, (as an open workshop participant at the Northern Rivers College of Advanced Education, Keen St Campus). After some research in the basics of water slide decals I used my screen printing skills to produce a series of designs using up to 8 colours. Above are some of the results achieved at that time. I used clear decal lacquer  ( a product I was aware of from my screen printing experience at Original Displays Brookvale where I worked as a printer during 1974-5) as the enamel medium and the covercoat. This resulted in very flimsy decals but they worked Ok. No other studio potters were doing this back then. I was in later years that I could procure overcoat and 4 colour process colours.

see also Vitrifying the Virtual

ArchCerArt 1994-5



Roaring Beach. 1999

By 1999 I was experimenting with large 4 colour process decals as used in Roaring Beach and Hartz Mt wall panels. By this time more interest had developed with studio potters utilising on glaze decals and raw materials were more readily available.


(above) Detail Roaring Beach

Roaring Beach 600 x 2400 mm, Screen printed ceramic tiles, artist paper and back-lit film. 1998.

Mt Hartz. – 1999.


Virtual Ceramics screen printed decals. 1998

Virtual Ceramics I – V tiles

Vernacular Spectacular 2000

Screen printed ceramic decals on commercial plates.


Mountains of the Rainbow Region -2008

 In 2009 I was deconstruction my decal collection to produce new motifs from old stock.

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